Edward's Leakey Weekend Adventure

Peggy and I had so much fun spending a week in Leakey in August, that we went down again in November for a weekend with Ed and Ann Tasch and a large number of other Ne'er-do-wells. The weather was perfect, surpassed only by the stimulating company. Between swimming in the Frio River, cycling through the hills, the potluck dinner, and the informal concert, it was impossible to pick a highlight for the weekend.

Photos from Edward's Leakey Weekend Adventure
Frio River, Leakey, Texas

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The Texas Asana Yoga Championships

The Texas Asana Yoga Championships took place on Saturday at St. Edwards. Yoga competition seems like an oxymoron. After attending the championships, I don't know whether it really is an oxymoron or not, but I did enjoy them, appreciated seeing the poses done well and learned some things. I was also told that these competitions are commonplace in India

Photos from the Texas Asana Yoga Championship
Standing Head to Knee Pose

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Mary and Rick in Austin

Mary and Rick were in Austin for a few days and spent some time with Jane, Robin, Helen, Peggy and me. Here are a few photos from Sunday morning, which slowly rolled into afternoon while we drank too many mimosas and ate too much food as it drizzled outside. Peggy and managed to almost completely avoid the camera, as did I. I never really noticed how photogenic Jane is before this.Photos from Mary and Rick's Visit

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Maw-Maw, Estherwood, Louisiana

The whole clan gathered in Estherwood to celebrate Maw-Maw's long and wonderful life. Estherwood Photo's

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Leakey, TX

Peggy and I spent a week in Leakey on the Frio River and on Leakey Springs. Gracey - the love-hound - was with us during the week and several of our ne'er-do-well friends joined us for the weekend. Since Leakey is at an elevation of 1200 feet, summer temperatures are usually more moderate than Austin, plus the air is drier.  The recent rains also put the river level higher than usual. Leakey Photo's

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