Gila - Postscript

Near Sierra Blanca As I was driving out of Sliver City after finishing the Tour of the Gila I had to stop by the Holiday Inn Express and pick up my spare wheels from James Slauson. As I circled the parking lot I saw a familiar figure: Floyd Landis was sitting on the curb yakking it up with his teammates. They had a large van pulling a trailer. In just a minute, they all piled in and took off to whereever their next race was. What a far cry from the city-block-sized mobile home thing that Astana was traveling in (and that was for only three racers).

I drove as far as Balmorhea State Park that night. It hardly bothered me that someone else had glommed the campsite that I had reserved days earlier. I found another empty site, pitched my tent and inflated my air mattress in my car's headlights, and enjoyed a big fat roast beef burrito in the pale moonlight.

Yours truly at the SpringsIn the morning I awoke to a beautiful wispy-clouded sky. I was afraid that the the spring-fed pool might feel cold in the cool morning air, but forgot that it's always the same temperature - perfect. 


More photo's from the return:

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